NancyFriends has been devoted to application service to overseas top private schools for ten years, and we have grown into the most professionally capable educational consulting firm in Chinese market. The past decade has witnessed exciting application results which arise from our successful cooperation with students from all over China. NancyFriends is good at developing students’ strength into full play while minimizing their shortcomings. With its expertise, NancyFriends set up application goal, make application plan and implement application step by step until the student can finally win the offer. We create Heuristic Coaching Program to effectively help students improve self-recognition and expression with confidence within a short time. The process of application is also the process of growth for students. NancyFriends has paid equal attention to guidance and development of students as well as application result. Our mission “Far Beyond Application” wins applause from many families. Outstanding quality of students and efficient communication make NancyFriends an immense trust among top private schools. We are so proud that students from NancyFriends study in each top private school. Currently, 25%-75% new Chinese students in top American private schools are referred by NancyFriends.

NancyFriends专注于海外顶级私立学校申请10年时间,10年的积累使我们成为中国市场最具专业能力的顾问公司。 过去10年,我们成功配合来自全国各地的学生取得了令人振奋的申请结果。 NancyFriends擅于结合中国学生的特点,扬长避短,凭借专业的顾问实力从设立申请目标,制定申请计划,推进申请步骤,到最终成功取得offer脱颖而出。 我们独创 “启发式辅导课程” 能有效帮助孩子们在短时间内有自我认知的意识及表达自我的信心。

申请的过程也是学生成长的过程,NancyFriends重视结果也同样重视对孩子的引导激发,“成长比申请更重要”,这样的理念让我们获得了很多家庭的认可。 优质的学生素养,专业高效地沟通使得NancyFriends在顶级私立学校当中赢得了极大的信任。


Far Beyond Application - 成长申请 更重要